Cross Domain Outlook Calendar replication

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I have multiple 2003 AD domains. All of them are in ther own forests and there are trust between some but not others. Each AD domain has its own Exchange 2003 organisation.
I want to share Outlook calendar infomration across thes Exchange organisations.
Is this possible? If so, what broadly needs to be done?
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Trusts need to be in place, but once they are the users should be able to delegate to the users in other forests.


Thanks but I've been looking at the these articles and it mentiones having to use MIIS. Is this so?
When you say outlook calendar info, does that mean free-busy data? Or are you talking about public folders?
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Thanks. I'm talking about Outlook calendar/free-busy infomrmation. I want to ensure people in the various Excgange orgs can see each others calendars. Public Folders would  be a nice extra.

Interorg Repliction Tool is the way to go. You will sync your free/busy info, and you can even setup public folder replication as well.

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