How to connect an installed VirtualServer in 2005R2 to the internet

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I just installed Virtual Server 2005 R2 on my Win2K3 Server Standard Edition box and installed another Win2K3 Server inside of it.  How do I connect the newly installed server to my network?

We use the range of internal IP addresses on our regular network and when I installed Virtual Server and setup the Virtual Network, we used the recommended network on the physical adapter and range on our internal.  How do I connect the dots here to get my virtual network talking to my physical network?

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goto virtual server administration web site and configure you server, on the network settings select the physical network adaptor  and if it is not exists create it from create virtual network cards, then do the ip addressing configuration from within the virtual computer
If you want to just use the virtual servers for testing between themselves, you would set the virtual networking adapters to 'local only' and use another range of ip addresses.

If you want to connect to your physical network, you need to choose the physical adapter of the machine the virtuals are installed on. It should show up in the dropdown for adapters in the virtual pc settings.  Once on the physical network they will need to have an ip that is in the same range of the network and then they work just like another machine on the network.


This worked great.  Once I assigned the adapter an address inside my existing range, everything worked great!

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