How do I recover a folder from an Exchange 2003 Mailbox

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I need to recover a deleted folder from a mailbox.  The retention time has expired, and the user mailbox is over ten GBs.

Because the retention time has expired, I cannot simply "undelete" it or "recover" it from within the client or OWA.

Also, it's been suggested that I use a recovery group to mount a backup database from when the file existed and then use exmerge to pull the desired data (converting it to a pst); however, exmerge has a two GB size limit and my user's mailbox is over ten GBs.  

We are using MS Exchange 2003 (version 6.5.7638.1) on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2, in a cluster (active/passive) environment.

we use Symantec's Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Servers.  The "Backup Exec Granular Recovery Technology" had not been enabled for the Exchange backup jobs.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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did you try to recover that or it is just you know the limit so you didn't try, because pst files in outlook 2003 has increased the limit to 20 GB please read this at microsoft

any how, another good suggestion is to try to restore your database in test environment and then connect to outlook and retrieve the emails you want to pst file, this articles will help you especially you need the second one when your domain name, exchange organization and exchange server is not the same name as the original one
GRT is only supposed to be used for Exchange 5.5 - have you actually looked in the restore job to see if you can select the mailbox itself? It doesn't show up on the initial view - you need to click on each folder in turn...
I have tried in numerous occasions to export mailboxes larger than 2 GB with exmerge, and it has always failed (errors out).  it's true that 2003 Outlook has support for unicode PSTs which can be larger than 2 GB, but while this is true of Outlook 2003 and newer it is not true of Exmerge.
I ended up creating a new Exchange server as I had space constrain in my production environment.  I created a recovery group there (note: I had to manually give the store in the recovery group the same name, including "(server_name)", as the one I was trying to recover).
I restore the mailbox store to the recovery group, and then used Ontrack to export the missing messages.
Finally, I copied these (messages) over to a local PST and imported the pst to the user's mailbox.

I think the solution you made is the same as my suggestion

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