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I have a FAS2020 that mysteriously locked up on me. The yellow/orange light next to the question mark on the front of the FAS came on out of nowhere while all my virtual servers were running. I tried accessing the FAS from the web browser but nothing comes up. I've physically restarted the FAS a few times but the yellow/orange error light stays on and I can't get into the FAS to see whats going on. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? Thanks
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Why cant you get into the device? I think best to check the device log


I did some research and looks like the fault light means either a bad hard drive or bad fan, but I hope it is nothing to do with hardware.

Is there another to get into the FAS2020 besides the web browser (which is not working for me due to the fault light)?
I contacted NetApp and they told me to unplug the battery from the FAS for 5 minutes and put everything back together. This "unlocked" the FAS from its frozen state.  

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