Multi-Instances licencing on MSSQL 2005 Standard Edition

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Hi Experts,

I have a processor licence for a MSSQL 2005 Standard Edition, running on a physical server with 1 quad core processor. I wonder if I can have multiple instances on this server without any fees. I've read the multi-instancing section on Microsoft web site, but still a bit confused. Since this is very important, can any one confirm a Standard edition can run multiple instances with a single licence. Thanks!,
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  • You may install and run any number of copies of SQL Server on a server, provided that you acquire the required number of Processor licenses.
  • This enhancement makes it more cost-effective to license SQL Server in the Per Processor licensing model when multiple instances of the software are installed on the same server and accessing the same processors.
    This change eliminates the need to license each copy of SQL Server separately for each processor in the server.
  • Note: For any instance of SQL Server on a server, you will never need more SQL Server Processor licenses than there are processors in the server.
  • Note: Microsoft Windows licensing requirements will not change because of any changes to the Per Processor licensing model.
Short answer: as long as you have your per-processor license covered, you should be good to go to run multiple instances on that same server.
simply, yes, you can have multiple named instances installed on that processor without any additional fees


Thanks a lot for making all this very clear

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