Peachtree 2007 C++ Runtime Error

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I've got Peachtree Accounting for Manufacturing 2007 installed on a network, with the server running Windows Server 2003 (Std Ed) ver.5.2. I have Peachtree installed on the server (for backup purposes). It's run with no problems for over 2 years. Today, when I tried to open Peachtree on the server, I get the error:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program Files\Sage Software\Peachtree\peachw.exe
Abnormal program termination

I checked the Sage software site with no relavant info.
I Googled the issue, and found 1 close solution. It suggested uninstalling the .net Framework 4 Extended Beta 1 and .net Framework 4 Client Profile Beta 1 Frameworks. I checked the server, and neither is installed.

Has anyone else hit this wall?

Rob Whitney
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I found this fix which changes how Peachtree starts up:
I would try that first; because, it is the easiest to reverse if it has no effect.
Most of the other hits I found relate to games; but, their gist is that the registry settings for C++ get screwed up which is typical for M$.  I would next try reinstalling C++ 2005 SP1:
But; the most successful fix seems to be installing C++ 2008:
The note of caution is that I would try to find out if 2008 is OK with Peachtree before I installed it.


The first possible solution did it. Thanks!

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