Run batch file as administrator... always.

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I have a batch file that modifies the hosts file so that I can choose between a dev server and a production server for a CRM application I am developing. On Vista, I have no problems. Win7, however, gives me an access denied problem AND doesn't let me set the batch file to always run as administrator.

I cannot right click > Run As Administrator, because the batch file accepts an argument; "on" to turn dev server on, and "off" to turn it off. So, it must be run from the command line.

How do I fix this?

I just want to type:

devserver on


devserver off

and have it work.
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Type CMD in instant search, it will show you CMD in the search results, right click and choose run as administrator. This will open up command from in admin mode. You may run batch file there. See reference image.
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Let me re-phrase:

I want to hit Windows+R, and in the run box type "devserver on", and then have it work.
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Turn off UAC, and reboot

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