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For a a Dell Dimension 3000 XP home edition, that has 512 MB Ram, 34 Gig Hard drive; five users, and many applications installed; Pentium 4 2.79 GHz. Of the 34 GB drive, 30 GB is used up.

I am upgrading the ram and HDD.

I am not in a position to put a clean windows xp on it yet. In the meanwhile, could you suggest a list of utlities/tools that I can run to clean up my best of the system:

Here is a compiled list below.. kindly add to it or suggest otherwise..

thanks :: JDiskReport WinDirStat Regseeker revouninstaller
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Revo Uninstaller, as you mentioned, and CCleaner -

Defraggler is also a good disk defragmenter by the same company (might help a little) -

Both are free.
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Window Washer, it saved me from a lot of trouble. Using it for at least 7 years.

Good choice on Malwarebytes AntiMalware.
And Your Uninstaller.
i use  they are an all in one deal i like it. also free. the other suggestions are good too. i used to have webroot but i lost my licence. p)
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Autoruns is a must have....

Superantispyware would be nice to have, to complement mbam....

Treesize Free is a good alternative to WinDirStat.

Process Explorer is also crucial when trying to fix a problem....

SpywareBlaster helps prevent the system from getting infected in the first place.

Any of the other Sysinternals tools....

And of course you already got Revo....

Firstly do the windows optimization & then run spybot 1.6 to clean spywares from your machine.Delete all unwanted data.Clear the event viewer.Run CHKDSK for each drive.


Tushar Kaskhedikar
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what i do is :
- uninstall all old and not needed software  - you can use Revo for that
-free up as much disk space as you can :
         . delete temporary internet and cache files
         . move the contents of my documents temporarily to an external disk or DVD - you can copy it back later
-run a chkdsk (or disk scan for errors) ; if it comes back ok :
-do a defragmentation

here a site with a complete toolkit description :


Thanks for the links. I am trying them now. I have already tried some, but they all check and they let me know I need to register to see what they can do in real sense. (For example, it says it found 1200 errors, but can fix only 12, and will have to register to clean the rest).

The ones i tried so far are



I have downloaded easy cleaner, it says it can clean up the startup files, but that also includes some window32 files. Is it ok to remove them or will it be detrimental when starting up (after removing the some of the system startup files)?

I am trying tweaknow now, it ran and said 264 errors, and the option to fix it. It said it completed it, I click analyze again, and now it says in the same category 164 errors. I ran again, now it is in single digits. Does this make sense?

and with Xin XP, do I have to run these tools for each user?

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if you are not sure  what you can delete : google the file to see what it is
then decide
i know what you mean. on tweaknow after you run it once then there are more errors that where not as obvious before. the first time i ran it i had close to 1,000 errors all in the same section :)


All your advice was very helpful, and will the list provided for future reference.


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