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Currently I am testing the trial ViewOne system ( for a new project which prohibit the user the saving the plan images. The system works but I found the tiff in the cache files are readable by common softwares.

What can I do to encryt the files in the cache?
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The subject of protecting images on the web always brings up a lot of discussion and it ALWAYS ends the same way. There is unfortunately NO way to keep image files from being copied. The simple reason is that anything that actually blocks the image from the end user, also blocks the image from the browser.

There are various strategies that overlay the images with transparent gifs, embedding the images in swf wrappers, and methods of blocking right click actions on windows browsers, but these are much like locking up your bicycle with a piece of twisted wire.

Any user can create a screen grab and get the image from the video driver. Users can use browser add-on's that gather and download images. Mac users can select the image and drag it to their desktop.

Browsers create their own cache files. They cannot be encrypted or the browser could not use them. The best that you can do is not have the browser cache them in the first place. See this for info on blocking cache files.  Of course, turning off the cache for a page will make revisits to the page take longer since the images must be downloaded every time.

I strongly recommend that you take a visit to any of the premium stock photo sites. They have a very strong reason to keep people from stealing their images since that is how they make their income. No major stock image site that I know of uses any image protection scheme other than embedded watermarks to keep their images from being copied. I suspect that they have tested them all, and found none of them worthy of the hassle.


Thanks, I will do some research in that approach.
If you find what I say otherwise, that is to say, you find a reasonable protections scheme -- by all means let us know. I'm for sure, not the definitive word on what the latest technologies and methods are and something could come along at any time without my knowing it. I use the stock photo sites as a guide however, since they have so much to loose. On the other hand, they have deep pockets with which to invest in a technology if they find it feasible so arguably, they would be the first sites to use it.

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