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I have this server that has been nothing but problems since I picked up this account.  I have a data partition I would like to delete on a dynamic disk - see the image - and it will not let me through the disk manager.

As many points as I can possibly give to anyone who can help me delete or at least shrink this partition!!  I don't want to use 3rd party software unless it is the easus, which I already have license for - can't afford to pay for trial and error on 3rd party softwares...  THanks!
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Which Partition? Have you tried removing the Page file from the partition first? it looks like theres one on each partition. Also what kind of server is it? if dell, they have a free utility.
o wow, completely overlooked the triple F:. I would still start with moving the page file off of this and to just the C drive. have you tried formatting from any boot disks, server, xp, or even a minixp cd etc..
First try to move page file in another drive and then delete it.
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is it necessary to have a dynamic disk?
if not, backup your data to be safe, then convert the disks  to basic
then you can play with partitions.
here a free program, and the best - that does what you want (shrink, copy delete, move...) : www.terabyteunlimited.com/ 
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This is extended dynamic volume and deleting one potion of F: will erase all three of them. Frankly speaking I do not see the error message text you posted anywhere. What happens if you try to remove it? What error message?
And yes, it is locked by page file so no way to remove this volume till you remove the paging file from it.
And finally are you trying to allocate the space to system partition? If yes the Easeus will not help you cause it does not work with dynamic drives.
If you change your mind about not willing to purchase any other tool then look on Paragon Partition Manager 10 Server Edition: www.partition-manager.com
They give 50% discount when you show them that you have some other partitioning tool already.
What you need to do:
1)Remove page file
2)Install Partition Manager 10 and take backup of F: drive (yes it does backup dynamic volumes)
3)Delete F drive
4)In PM10 right click on dynamic drive - convert to basic. This will request restart and you need to apply it.
5)After conversion start PM10 - right click on C: - move\resize - catch the end of partition (its right border) and drag it to right. Allocate as much space as you want. Apply changes and in few seconds it is done. Then restore F: to basic HDD if you leave free space for it. The volume will be restored as single partition. As you see one shot two bulleyes.


Thanks all, would have replied sooner but the exchange server crashed - not my weekend.  SHould have noticed the page file, but the tips for fixing this are great - no it doesn't need to be dynamic, some other schlep set it up that way before I was hired on, causing all kinds of problems!

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