Looking for a dropbox solution to implement.  I don't want a for fee service, but will purchase the right package to implement.

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I am looking for a solution to create my own dropbox.   No FTP.  Too difficult for the users I deal with.  My basic needs are a drag and drop setup with notification from email.   Please don't suggest any for fee services.  I want to implement and own this capability with our own servers.  I don't mind buying a package to do this.  Thx
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I hear what you say about FTP, but if your users can navigate the internet using a browser and find their way around Windows Explorer then they will defo be able to cope with FTP.  Have a look at Filezilla FTP Server, it really is a doddle to setup.  Downloading the client software is completely unnecessary as Firefox (for pure downloading), and Windows Explorer (for downloading and uploading) are all that's needed.  (My apologies in advance if I have incurred your wrath in posting this).
Sorry, I forgot the link:-

You could use something like http://www.webbyfiles.com/index.en.html for java or PHP

or http://www.element-it.com/asp-net-component/http-upload-control.aspx for asp

Is this kind of like what you are looking for?

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