Change Background Logo on all desktop in a MS 2003 Server Domain

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Hi Guys

    Our IT whose in charge with our Domain and Exchange Mail  just recently left with short notice and with no proper turn over. And I was given the assignment to temporarily take over.
   Our company head wants to change our logo with a new one for 2010. I thought this would be easy since you'll just have to edit that in the Main Server Domain GPO policy ( gpedit.msc right?) But I was surprised when I check its GPO Policy that will show the logo on all computers member to our domain was not configured or status NOT CONFIGURED
     Then I wonder what did our previous IT do to configure our server without using  the GPO policy to put the background logo on all PCs member to our domain.

Please help because I'm running out of reason why our company logo still hasn't been change

Thanks in advance!

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IT Administrator
There are two ways to change wallpaper/background via Domain Services.
1. Via Group Policy i.e (gpedit.msc) User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Desktop > Active Wallpaper
2.Via Registry script to users starup having following key HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper which normally doesnot show on gpedit.msc.

You can try any of them.
here's what i did when working in iraq:

- downloaded bginfo from the windows sysinternals suite (
- copied it to the netlogon share
- found an image i wanted centered in the background for all machines and created a folder called "wallpapers" in the netlogon share
- executed bginfo and configured it as i wanted with the image embedded in it. i saved the *.bgi file in netlogon\wallpapers as well. make sure to modify the default location of where bginfo stores this new wallpaper, its in the config settings of bginfo. i chose to save it in the user's temp directory in their own local profiles since they didn't have write access to c:\windows\system32 where the original windows wallpapers are stored.
- created a simple *.cmd batch file that would change the wallpaper according to the settings in the *.bgi file.
- created a test gpo, added it to the ou where my user account was, and restarted to test it out, worked find. deleted the gpo after verification, and then modified our default domain policy gpo to add it in under user configuration as a logon script. voila, all users now when logging into the domain on any workstation would get a background with critical info such as hostname, ip address, and etc etc etc.

keep in mind though, this doesn't take into consideration what your group policy infrastructure is like, so you may have to do some digging if it doesn't initially work to figure out what other gpo is conflicting with the new one you create or the original one you modify.
how's everything coming along with getting this along?


Solution is good but I'm expecting more


Hi guys sorry for the late reply. I was on our remote construction site and its in the middle of a jungle
no communication infra yet. Anyway I just found out what our previous IT did. He used scripts
and I found it in a shared SVOL folder. I already configured it and it worked. But I'm tempted to delete the script and use the gpo instead because I'm still not yet familiar with Windows Active Directory & scripts

@ John Chambers
I'm planning to test your solution next week in my Virtual test environment domain. Inform you right away if it works.


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