MS Exchange Server 2007 Backup Planning & utility?

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Hello EEs,


We are going to install Exchange Server 2007 under EBS 2008.
Now I want to take the backup of the following Database:-

S.No      Server / Database      Size      Frequency
1.      Exchange mailbox (Kindly advice log files are need to be backed up or not) = 25 Users      1 GB / users MB      Daily Evening(For Log files kindly advice)
2.      SQL  Server      25 G.B.       Daily Evening (For Log files kindly advice)
3.      File Server      10 GB      Daily Evening

Kindly advice which backup utility / programs we have to use & which tap drive we have to purchases?

What is VSS regards to exchange & do we really need to use it…if yes then how to do it in exchange server 2007 with EBS 2008….kindly explain in dept with an example.

Many thanks,

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As I understood you need to backup 60 GB every day. It's small size of information to use tap drive - better to use NAS or hard drives on the server.
To backup SQL you need to use build in SQL Server Agent
step-by-step instruction is here
To backup Exchnage and files it's better to use build in Windows Server backup utility Ntbackup(choose backup Exchange store). Ntbackup uses VSS(technology that alows to backup files even if they are in access),295582,sid43_gci1129054,00.html

If more questions pls ask. This is not all backup software I use)

Unfortunately - Exchange 2007/Windows 2008 do not support ntbackup. Instead there is WBADMIN utility. This utility allows to save "system state" or whole partition. It saves also exchange databases, but you cannot restore mailboxes one by one.

There is a hack on internet to use ntbackup on Win2008/Exchange2007it (i'm also using this hack as additional backup) - but I'm not sure that databases can be corectly restored.
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Thanks master135 & uldis for your valuable comments,

As you can assume how SQL & Email Backup database is important for an org. now a days so i am really looking for

trusty & fathful backup solution on which we can really trust,

It is not really important to take a backup of the database, then to restore it sucessfully in bad times of a system i right?

Thus request you to suggest me such backup strategic & utility / app by which my needs can be fulfilled.

Awaiting for your earlier reply,

Many thanks,


If you have plenty of disk space you can go with vanilla WBADIM and copy partition, use SQL Buitl in feature "Management Plan" (that actually creats jobs that point to Integrationservices packages).
If you want free open source solution you can go with "Bacula". But it has no built in support for exchange and SQL (you should use "Client Exec" and execute batch commands to create files/folder), and this solution takes quite long while to get familiar with it.

From commercials I'd suggest: Symantec BackupExec - it has all the features you need (SQL Online backup, exchange store and per mailbox changes backup).
Ok, I'll tell you.
I have almost the same enviroment as you do but rather bigger :)
To backup system partition I'm using Acronis true Image Server
You just install this software, make job and it will backup as you wish some files or even entire partition - it's simly to recover files from backup(JUST COPY FILES FROM BACKUP) - to recover entire partition - boot from CD that Acronis will create for you.
Fore easy recovery Exchange and SQL databeses use Acronis® Recovery™ for Microsoft Exchange and Acronis® Recovery™ for MS SQL Server  (
If you don't want to spend your money you must think up restore strategy - what will you do if server fails, check your backups at least once a week, try to restore them into test computer etc, something like this,289483,sid43_gci1029466,00.html.
What about backups - I think it's better for you to do full backup for Exchange and SQL (will be rather simpler and faster  to recover).
So for files - full backup every weekends, incremental backup every day using NTBackup older data save to tape - that will be enough. For more security - backup files for examlpe on local machine and to the network server.
For SQL - using SQL server agent(it's always better to use build in utilites - they are created by developers to do this). How to do this - link in my first post. Use everyday full backup, if you need to recover databases up to the 15 minutes before server falled use log shipping (,289483,sid87_gci1309728,00.html)
SQL Server agent can send result's of backup to your mail - just configure Database Mail. Save backup's at least one week, better to save into 2 different places.
Exchnage - every day full backup, later backups to tape, use ntbackup.
I'll advice you also to backup system partition every day with acronis true Image.
Have a nice day and think up in detailes how will you restore data if something falls.


uldis:- Thanks for your reply & kindly send me the link to trial install of WBADIM, i dont mind using open source "Bacula" but since it dont have built exchange & sql support thus i less like it. any other free ware or open source would be appriciated.



Many thanks for link & reply,

I really accept Acronis Server Version which is useful to take backup for whole Drive / partition,

Regards to all links, I need to go through all links for details, i can reply you once i read it,

what all i have been suggested  by many of my IT guys of Backup Exec.....what all do you say?

Many thanks,

What about Backup Exec - i don't trust if in description is writtent hat they recover everything in a moment (exchange,sql etc). There are no exact algorithm to recover everything) I looked through all Russian network segment, very few people uses Backup exec. I'm not new in IT and exectly knew that it's always better to use software from developer of product, try to use all software of the same vendor on 1 server. It could be so that you just have installed Symantec and your server will show you blue screen of death, because you have some another soft that is not compilant with symantec...

wbadmin - Built in feature in Windows 2008 - Open "Server Manager" than in the left tree - open "Features" Thanyou can "Add Features": "Windows Server Backup Features" and in subsection: "Windows Server Backup", "Command Line Tools".

To master135: It's against Experts-Exchange rules to advertise Illegal Software, so - you'd make disclaimer when posting such a link.

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