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I have mp3 song i want to loop it in my cd I have nero how can i dothat
My relative is old man he love 5 song when he play it 5 song he must go to cd player (Playmp3file) and reinsert disc again I plan to use nero to make loop for them But how can i do that  My relative is old man He can not select loop in cdplayer machin
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Usually CS players go back to the start of the Audio CD after it reaches the end of the CD.

Go to Nero and Burn an Audio Disc. Add the 5 songs onto the CD and burn them, Nero will take some time to convert the MP3 music onto the CDA format for the Audio CD. Once the Audio CD is done you should be able to just put it into a CD player and play the songs. The CD should restart from the first song once it finishes playing the last song by itself... Atleast all the analogue/(non pc) CD players I have ever tried have done this itself..

There is no way to add some special code or anything like that onto the Audio CD itself to make it loop the CD when you put it into the CD player. It is always the CD player that does this. Not the burning software or the CD itself.

I hope this helps
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Consider an iPod.
Hi teera

As SleepinDevil pointed out, an Audio CD is a special format and audio files like MP3 have to be converted and expanded for them to be burned to an audio CD as "tracks".  Depending on the play length of the audio files you can usually burn about 18 to 20 MP3 files to an Audio CD.

ven the cheapest domestic CD Players have buttons to set the playback to "continuous" and "random", and some have the additional option of setting a CD to play back tracks in a specific order.

If your elderly relative's CD Player does not have the "continuous" option, then you could always drag and drop the same 5 MP3 files into the Nero "Audio CD" project 4 times and set the playback order so that the CD just plays through the same 5 songs 4 times.

An "MP3 CD" is really just a Data CD.  The CD or DVD Player either looks for an *.M3U playlist on the CD, or is just clever enough to recognise that the files on the CD are MP3 files, and just plays them back in the order they are on the CD.  Being a Data CD, the files will be burned to it in alphabetic (or numeric) order.  Assuming that you have 5 MP3 files of 4MB each, you could burn 175 of them to a 700MB Data CD, so you could have the same 5 songs on the CD 35 times each.  Playing back the same group of 5 songs 35 times would surely be enough for anyone.  If each song was 3.5 minutes long, that would be a total play time of about 10 hours if my maths (my worst subject) is correct.

To get the 5 MP3 files to group together on the CD, you would have to create 35 copies of each MP3 file with unique file names that sorted properly.  A batch file could take care of that.  Something like the following (* Untested *) command should make 35 copies of the same MP3 file and add a 01, 02, 03 ... 035 to the front of each copy so that they sort properly:

for /l %a in (1,1,5) do copy "*.mp3" "0%a *.mp3"

You could then just burn all of the copies to an MP3 CD for many hours of continuous listening pleasure (for your relative, not the neighbours!) with the same 5 songs repeating ;-)

I think it's just a case of looking at your relative's CD Player to see if it has a "continuous" playback option and burn an Audio CD instead of an MP3 CD, or invest in a moderately priced MP3 Player with headphones.

Thank you teera.

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