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I am looking for ideas.

I have a class.

I told the professor I wanted to use the Grep command for my Linux script assignment.

I was under the impression that GREP looked at file names. I did not realize it looks within text files for occurrences.

My original plan to use GREP for a search engine of file names is pretty much shot.

So, I am now finding myself looking for ideas of when you would use the grep command on a regular basis. If you could consolidate the typical uses of Grep, what would they be?

This is what I plan on doing.

I plan on using a loop with nested decision statement to perform some of the typical Grep functions.


Input box, "type the option number of what you want to do"
Do, while not x
 If,  Option 1: find occurances of the text string in the file.
 If,  Option 2: find occurances in multiple files
 If,  Option 3: .....

See, I am at a loss for ideas on what to do with grep. Can you give me ideas on what you use grep for on a regular basis?

Then, I have to consider the output of the data.  (a list, comma delimited text, ???)

Can you help me lay out a plan for a loop using the grep command??
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grep is a huge command, you can do lot of things with it. Try to read more for more options. As it is your assignment, I am not commenting more.


suggestions on good reading materials? I do see a lot on the web and could use a little help weeding through it.
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grep is a 'power tool' for text processor. There are a lot of guidlines for using grep.
But grep is strong when you can associate it with 'regular expression' (grep -E)


What languages work well for Linux.

I am getting use to VBS sripting? Where you open up a text document and save it as a .VBS file.

I hear Perl, or Bash scripts, work fine.

I hear VBS scripts don't.

Since I am going to have to create a loop and nested decision statement on a basic command line shell, I am looking for something for beginners with these languages.

Then, I think I will have enough information to start the assignment. So, I will award points.
I'm a Perl fan, but on your grep question; don't neglect the very powerful piping feature of shell scripting.  Try experimenting with piping some things through grep to see what comes out.  I think that might lead you to finding your answer.


Thanks guys,

You have been helpful.

I didn't know where to start on this project. Now, I have some ideas.

I really appreciate it.


Thanks for starting me off on this.

I appreciate it.

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