ISAPI filter DLL C# (IIS 5,6,7)

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For example i have domain:
index.asp - my default home page configured in IIS settings.
ind.asp - 2nd page.
I need ISAPI filter:
When user visit my site, isapi filter checking HTTP_REFERER.
If referer = "http://........" then load default home page (index.asp)
Else load ind.asp as default home page.

I like sample sources etc...
Information from google about isapi filters is too poor.
MSDN isn't better solution too ))
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I found article
Call to c# dll from c++ ISAPI.
It's nice solution. but how i can deploy compiled dlls to multiply servers in network?
And i'm bad c++ programmer.

I thought your question asking about .net solution. But your answer is C++ solution. I'm not sure okay to close this question.


ISAPI Filter impossible in .NET languages. Possible in Delphi, C++  only. :(
I need skeleton C++ code for VC++ 2008 now. Then i can call to c# dll easy.

Question about skeleton code here

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