Save a properties name in a string, retrieve it again and execute it ?

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I have several properties which return a Visibility status like Visible/Collapsed to drive my gui`s usercontrols to be shown or not.

now I have 10 Properties like:

public Visibility ChangeModule1VisibilityStatus{get;set;}
public Visibility ChangeModule2VisibilityStatus{get; set;}

then I have a class variable called

private static string _currentPropertyVisible;

Everytime I set a "ChangeModuleXXVisibilityStatus" property to Visible I want to save this property in the _currentPropertyVisible variable. So when I next time change a property again I set the last current Property to Collapsed saved/cached in the _currentPropertyVisible property.

How can I achieve that in a generic way -if possible- ?
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How about using an array of your "Visibility" properties (or maybe, if neccessary, an ArrayList to easier extend/shrink it) and store the index of current visible Property?
That way you can access the property itself by it's index from the array later on.
I know what you mean:

ChangeModule1Visibility Property has index 1 (in my mind determined...)
ChangeModule2Visibility Property has index 2
ChangeModule3Visibility Property has index 3

now I save the index of the current visible usercontrol in a static variable.

In the code where I set the visiblity.visible I know in my mind its lets say index 3 then I would collapse index 1,2,..,4,5... right? no... seems ugly.

What do you mean with arrarylist of visiblity?

could you share some code snippet please?

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