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How do I rename OK Cancel Buttons in Confirm popup window?
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The easiest would be to write your own messagebox if you want to have full control of it.
use messagebox

the first part in " "  is the message the second part is the name that appears on the top of the popupwindow, MessageBoxButtons has many button choices for the buttons you can use. MessageBoxIcon is the x or hand or many different icons that are posted in the messagebox

            DialogResult result1 = MessageBox.Show("You must enter a name.", "Name Entry Error",
         MessageBoxButtons.YesNoCancel, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation);

            if (result1 == DialogResult.Yes)
                //do some stuff here
            if (result1 == DialogResult.No)
                //do some other stuff here

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The asker asked for a way to change Yes, No, Cancel buttons. If you have more input to that, I would also appreciate that.

are you talking about a javascript confirm-box?
afaik confirm is called via javascript and not via a CLR related language.
1 solution: You have to override the Onpaint event of the button in the message box.
2 solutino: hook the message box:
3 solution: write  your own message box:

both liks I have provided contain sample project code for you to download and look at as well as detailed steps on how it was created.

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