can't get wds working with Buffalo whr-hp-g54

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I am having a very difficult time setting up WDS with 2 Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 routers. I followed the detailed instructions at: 

Sometimes I get this:
1: It takes 2 minutes for router 2 to establish a connection to the internet. It seems like it should be more like 5 seconds. By that I mean it takes a full 2 minutes before any page can be displayed it get the “can’t display web page thing”. After that its runs at 1/2 the internet bandwidth of router 1 as expected.
2: No matter what I do I can no longer connect to router 2 ( I can ping it but can’t get to the page. This happened after setting up wds.
Other times I get this:
The connection is intermittent and connecting to router 2 is a joke.  The password prompt comes up but says it’s a Linksys RVS4000. No such router on the lan. I am connected to router 2 via Ethernet. Last night (after some time) it came up and I had a good internet connection via router 2. This morning its dead.

Router 1 is working fine and it only one room away.
I can ping both routers but not the dns server
Router1 =
Router2 =
DNS in router 1 =
Dns inside router 1 =
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hrm you might have a ip conflict. Change the ip of router2 to because we know #1 is working. Make sure you are running dd-wrt v24 sp2.


am running v24 sp2 but I can't get into router #2.  Ipconflict with what? dhcp pool from router #1 is 100-125
pool from router #2 is 50 - 75
I have had a similar problem like you are having on router #2. i had some weird crash and my netgear router showed up as a linksys in dd-wrt. When that happened the wifi radio's did not work properly.

I would do a 30/30/30 reset on router #2 and make sure it shows back up as a proper router.

Do you have any other network equipment here that might be conflicting.


Duh! I forgot about my vonage router which was


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