Can PowerShell scripting return metadata for SQL Server to access?

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How would you use PowerShell scripting to return general Windows Explorer metadata (Name, Size, Date Modified, Owner, etc.) from a file server for top level folders only.  And would SQL Server 2008 PowerShell integration be able to link directly to the data to query the information?  Thanks!
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You can get almost everything.

This does need a note on the Size though. If you're expecting that to return for folders you must recurse through all children and sum all sizes, there isn't a persistent property we can pick on for folders.

I can't speak for SQL PowerShell Integration I'm afraid. I know you can talk to SQL using the .NET SQL Client class, but that's as near as I've got.

Get-ChildItem "WhateverTopLevelFolder"  | %{
  $Item = $_
  Get-ACL $Item.FullName | Select-Object `
    @{n='Name';e={ $Item.Name }}, `
    @{n='Size';e={ $Item.Length }}, `
    @{n='Date Modified';e={ $Item.LastWriteTime }}, `

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