Windows 7 Pro Shortcuts & UAC misbehaving

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Set up a brand new pc with Windows 7, but having 2 major issues:
1)  Desktop url icon problem:
When I want to add a Desktop Shortcut to a web page I go through normal steps and an icon shows on Desktop. When you try to open from desktop you are taken to internet explorer but there isn't an address in url field for browser to use. Ie window says 'connecting'.
If you right click on desktop icon and go to properties it shows correct address in url field but in
shortcut key field it says "none".
If you try to connect straight from favorites connects ok

2)  User access control problem:
To change the level of protection in uac you must open uac and adjust position on a slider: there are 4 different levels on the slider once a level is selected click on the ok button should then open a dialogue box asking if ok to change the setting
On this pc clicking the ok button fails to produce any results
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What is your "usual method" of making shortcuts?
What anti-virus/ firewall are you running?


Not running any yet, haven''t got that far yet!!
The shortcuts in question were generated by the File & Settings Transfer wizard to copy our data from the old WinXP Pro pc. We did this by installing a copy of the new Win7 Transfer program on the XP machine
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If you cannot change UAC, either you brought over a virus or other malware or perhaps your Windows 7 installation was somehow corrupted. I worked with UAC on my Vista machine and again in Windows 7 after I converted the machine to Windows 7. UAC has worked very well for me and always accepted changes.
... Thinkpads_User
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I assume the "brand new PC" was Windows 7 certified. That is another reason (not Windows 7 compliant) that could cause your difficulties. ... Thinkpads_User
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Hate to ask, but are you SURE this user has the proper Admin rights to change UAC?

Right click>properties of one of the non working shortcuts... Whats it say as the path, under the Web Document URL:, and also the Type of File on the General Tab?
I just booted my new computer with Windows 7 professional yesterday, so I'm still learning LOL
I tested it
just like in xp r/click the space at the bottom of the start tab then next to all programs> then customise, add in favourites.
and any other links you want to see on the start menue, then simply open your web page add to favourites open favs and drag and drop onto desktop.
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Make sure you restart the computer as soon as you change UAC settings.
As for shortcuts - just drag and drop the url to your desktop.Should work....


Thanks for the tips so far guys, but I have tried all of these things before....

The problem isnt CREATING the shortcut, its that when you open said shortcut it opens IE with a blank page saying connecting...

If you type the URL in manually it works, if you select it from IE favourites it works, but it will not work if you create the shortcut at the desktop!

User really wants the S/C on her desktop though (and who are we to argue with end users!)
What happens if they open it in a different browser?
Like open a different browser like Maxthon or Google Chrome both easy to use
Which version of IE?
Between the restrictions of your GRPolicies and IE phishing filters and protection mode maybe this is stacked against move away from MS
Right click on the desktop create > New > shortcu t<
Type the URL or paste it in the next page (eg. )
I'll use both to show example
then give it a name
 and save it.
You'll now see a really cool icon ( lovely Windows 7)
Next time you double click or single click it  it'll take you directly to the page
I've included 4 snapshots
It's now been 26 hours since I first ran my new Windows7 professional already helping others.
 Hope it solves it

Fixed it!

Believe it or not, this particular client has to use Office (wait for it) 97!

The microsoft support site has an article relating to this issue, it seems after the Office97 install Windows 7 had important reg keys deleted and caused these errors.  They had the reg entries to paste into notepad and import as .reg file.  Job done!

Truley bizarre!
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LOL.. Office 97 strikes again... We have about 3 people that use it for an internal Database in Access, and we cringe whenever we hear about those users.... Great find, thanks for updating us.....

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