Does anyone know if it is possible to migrate a VM Ware fusion VM on snow leopard to a boot camp partition to be able to dual boot?

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I have a VMware fusion VM that I would like to convert to be able to use bootcamp.  I have my software installed already and dont want to redo that if I dont have to.  I know I can use bootcamp as the base for my vm but can I do the reverse as well.  Something similar to a V to P conversion
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wow, that's a toughy...

...there's no direct conversion utility available.

You would have to take an image of the running system with Ghost or something similar.  Then try and boot ghost on the bootcamp/windows partition and image the system back to the bootcamp partition from a ghost server on your network.

I guess its possible, but probably quicker/easier to reinstall the system, backup the running system in vmware and restore the backup to the new install.

I'm not sure if there are any cheap third party tools which might do it which I don't know about - there is a V to P conversion by a company called platespin - but that's an enterprise solution and costs a fair bit.
You should be forewarned that you will also run into Windows licencing problems, because Windows will see this as attempting to install Windows on a different computer and will demand a fresh validation number.
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