Need to move the boot manager on Windows 7 - proving 'interesting'

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OK, here we go...

I need to move the Windows 7 boot manager. I have tried 'rebuilding' it but it only seems to land me back in the same configuration.

Originally I had XP on an 80Gb hard drive (the drive had drive letter of 'C:' and the name 'Boot Disk'.

I then put in a second drive and installed Win 7 64bit on it. This drive had the letter 'D:' assigned to it.

After testing Win 7 for some time I decided to stop using XP.

I altered the 'bootmgr' to stop offering the dual boot option - now I only have the option to boot to Win 7.

Now that I am booting from Win 7 it looks like the old 'D:' drive is now renamed as 'C:' and vice versa.

In the Disk Manager I can see the following:

Disk 0 'is D:' with the label  'Boot Disk' and is 'Healthy(System, Page File, Active, Primary Partition)'
Disk 2 is'C:' and is 'Healthy(Boot, Primary Partition)'

I want Win 7 on one drive - currently it is split across two - one for booting and the other with the actual O/S on it. Every time I have tried to 'fix' this by rebuilding the bootmgr I end up back in the same position.
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Unplug the other  or format it before rebuilding.

You can also follow this link and see where it goes.


Cant believe I missed that link/thread

splanton, which option did you use?

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