VPN Problems on BT's BT2700HGV

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I've wrestled with VPN over the last few days, and have just discovered this thread:

It would appear that BT have a problem with their hardware, and I'm considering moving to other better supported hardware.

A) Can anyone comment on the viability of using the BT2700HGV for VPN?
B) Can anyone make suggestions of another alternative that will be more stable and do the job?

This is my setup:
1. BT Business Broadband
2. 5 public IPs
3. Local Hyper-V server
4. Need to VPN to our hosted server
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I am not that familar with this platform. I deploy industry standard vpn solutions such as the cisco asa platform or sonicwall.

The solution you need to deploy depends on your organizations budget and security needs, amount of users, applications, and your network infrastructure, as well as the IT staff to support the vpn platform.

I am a cisco person, so my decision would be the ASA platform. While the asa appliance has a steep learning curve, it comes with a gui and vpn connection wizards which are fairly straightforward. (command line interface also)
The asa appliance is an industry standard for vpn deployments, it includes remote access vpn client, ssl web vpn (client only needs a web browser) and LAN to LAN vpn tunnels.

the model 5505 is the base appliance, very inexpensive (around $500.00 U.S.)
and the models scale up to higher bandwidth models with other features
The asa is a unified appliance- vpn, firewall,  intrusion detection, and even virus and malware perimeter gateway appliance depending on the modules purchased.

Having a lot of experience with cisco platform, I have found it to rock-solid in the vpn realm, and the vpn client also is an industry standard.

You might also look at sonicwall, with many models to choose from. Sonicwall is easier to configure than cisco in my opinion, all gui driven wizards.

Other options are the free open source platforms- swan, open vpn  also stable but if you run into problems you are on your own, having to resort to forums and knowledge bases.

With sonicwall or cisco, fantastic support is just a phone call away, and that being said, I rest my case

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