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Henry Starcher
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Quick senario of my problem:
The Highway Patrol car video recorders record on CD in a format that requires using the DIVX codec to view in Windows Media player.
When this codec is installed on Windows XP life is joy.
Windows 7 is a no joy story. You get only audio no video when playing.
I just distributed 21 latops to deputy's with Windows 7 Professional and need them to be able to view these video's when the occassion arises without me having to use DIVX 7 to convert them from the AVI to DIVX where they can be viewed.
I have downloaded the DIVX 7 from their website on a Win 7 PC and installed it. video unless I convert the AVI file?????
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Download the K-Lite Codec pack for Windows 7, it should include all the stuff which may be missing with your Codec.

Faraz H. Khan
This is very odd, DivX codec videos + Windows Media Player(WMP), works fine for me and I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64bit Release Candidate.... I guess I cannot emulate your conditions because I don't have the video/audio source that you are trying to make work with the WMP on Windows7

Have you tried using the DivX Player itself to open these files on the CD? If this works you could just associate that file type with the DivX Player.

If that doesn't work you could install Video Lan Client ( and associate that file format with this program. Any video file no matter what kind of wrapper(.avi, .mkv), as long as you have the codec for it installed on the machine, will work with VLC.

I hope this comment was of some use to you :S
i would install vlc.
Henry StarcherConsultant


Faraz H. Khan
Went with yours and video's play fine now. Fast simple fix and push it out domain wise to the laptops.

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