Deleting Recovery & OEM Partitions

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My sister had a new PC delivered Windows 7, and it has an OEM Partition 39MB and a Recovery Partition 14.65GB. I am assuming these are security related (McAfee), she has plenty of room so that is not the problem but it means they have taken up 2 of the available 4 partitions. She needs more than the two remaining partitions.
What will be the ramifications if I delete these two partitions or alternatively how do I work with or around them without a third party application.
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they have nothing todo with mcafee. the 39mb is a dell recovery and diagnostics.

You can have 4 primary partition, but if you create an extended partition you can create more then 4 partition inside that single exteded partition.

do not delete those partitions.

If you really really and I mean desperately need to delete those partitions then I  am pretty that when you create recovery discs it will ask you if you want to keep the hidden partition or not. If not it'll simply wipe it and give you the othe 3 partitions back.
But please remember it isn't recommended as quite often HDD recovery is much more convenient using these hidden partitions rather than recovery discs
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Can you take a screen shot of Windows Disk Management from that PC and load it here? Right click on Computer - Manage - disk management.
Also if you shrink system partition and create extended one then you will be able to create more 128 partitions inside of it if you wish.
The 14GB partition has Windows image that will allow you to restore to factory settings if you need in future. This is so called secure zone,
But still if you do not want these partitions then we can do that. I recommend you looking for backup program to take weekly or monthly backups of your OS that will let you recover to working state in case of need.


I guess they stay.
Thank you for your assistance.

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