How to re-activate inactive BCM DN's

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I have a BCM with an extension 225, I moved somebody else into the office so I activated set relocation, put down the new set and then disabled set relocation before moving the old phone to it's new location. Consequently the 225 DN became inactive. I have tried placing the 225 handset at it's new location, but it got assigned a new DN. Is there any way for me to re-activate the DN and point it back to the port where the handset is now located?

I have been looking all over for solutions, and although I can see the port assigned to the 225 DN it is a read only field, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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When Set relocation is at Yes : you can move phone to any active jack and the phone will keek is DN # and all his config.

Set relocation is at No : the phone will take the DN # assign to the Port connected to the jack.

Notice : When you move phones, you do one at the times, and make sure is up before to do another one.

Solution #1 : keep the Set relocation to No, the phone you move put it back to his old jack. The phone wil become 225 DN again. Put Set relocation to Yes, wait 5 minutes to be sure the BCM take the change. Then move the phone to any active jack and the phone should stay 225 DN.

Solution #2 : The DN 225 should be connected to the Port 405 (BCM50) or 205 (BCM 200/400), find your new DN # and Port # and at the connection block interchange the jupper.

I hope that help you,


Thank you for the response, I can try putting the phone back, but I assigned the phone that was used for 225 to another extension (that is how 225 got lost, I did not mean to switch sets I meant to just move the extensions. I did not intend to keep 225, but I do need to be able to forward it to a different extension. And with it having become an inactive DN I can not successfully forward it.
I will try moving the port when I get back in the office, but as you can see I know very little about phone systems. If I have an open port, logic tells me I should be able to assign the DN to that open port and so make it usable again. But the port the BCM is indicating for that extension is in use and I do not know how to identify what jack it is going to. I have a toner, but need some guidance.
Any ideas?
What model of BCM ?

BCM50 or BCM 400 Release 4 or BCM 400 Release 3.7 ?
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Do you config your phone system with a phone or a computer ?


It is a BCM 400 Release 3.7  and I config the system with a web interface.
How to change a DN # :

In the Configure section, under Services, Telephony Services you hilight General settings.
On the top menu, you click on Configuration, than you click on Chande DNs, a BCM Dialog Box open : you write the Old DN and the New DN and clik OK.

Be carrefull, you have to reconfigure all the option on the set, Name, Lines assign and so on.

The images joint show you where to go on the BCM menu.

How to know the Port # of a active phone :

Feature * 0
Push on Intercom key, you can read the DN # and the name
Push View (middle soft key), you can read the Port #
or Push the key # on the dialpad, you can read the Port #

Tell me if it work,


I rewired the port indicated in the bcm to a open phone jack. Thank you for the suggestions, it made finding this solution a lot simpler.

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