Removing Outlook's Reply to All button

Tim86 used Ask the Experts™
This is a two-part question.  Our company has fallen in love with the Reply to All button, and it is causing way too much email clutter in everyone's inboxes.
1.  Is there a way to disable this function company-wide?
2.  Have any of you actually done this at your company, and how was it received by the employees as a whole?

My intent would be to force people to put more thought into who they send their messages to, rather than just clicking "reply to all" without even thinking about it.
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No, I never used in my company. Also it is the responsibility of the people who are sending mails even with reply to all button to always check where the mail is being sent!

anyways, here is how you can disable it:

Also check there EE question for the same issue befoer:

Faraz H. Khan
Top Expert 2010
Hi, Tim86.

Removing the button won't make it impossible to use Reply to All.  It will simply make it more difficult.  It will also certainly meet with disapproval since there are valid times to reply to all.  While I agree that it is severely overused, that's true in my office too, removing the button is trying to use technology to solve a behavioral problem.  If you really want to cut down on its use, then the solution is to get people to change their behavior.  One way to do that is for management to make it plain that it is not appropriate to use reply to all on every message.  Another approach is to use a bit of code to detect when Reply to All has been clicked and display a warning message every time it's used.  Perhaps something like this.


Thanks for the feedback.

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