How Can i get the stolen hotmail account?

tonk93 used Ask the Experts™
is there any programs to get back my hotmail account
hacker changed my secret queestion
and changed my alternate EmaIL
Its really serious I need that Email hes making bad fame to me in my city.
hes blackmailing my contacts
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You would need to contact Hotmail who will be able to give you your account back by confirming security questions such as some of your contacts etc

Unfortauntely no one else will be able to assist in any other way

Raheem05 is right.

There are about two options; Find out who stole it and get it back, or contact Microsoft through the link provided and ask for support.


I cant really find a way to contact them i entered the site but no option for that gimme a more clear link? i will be thankful
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yeah but its just hard to be achieaved


I cant contact them

Try this link instead:

Go to that link, search for 'stolen' to the left and click the link.

The page has been moved sorry it says as soon you click on the link at the top to:
EirmanChief Operations Manager

And when you do regain access to your hotmail account change your password/passphrase to one that is at least 20 characters long.
Make sure that it has letters and numbers and perhaps a few special characters (+-$)

The most likely reason that it was hacked in the first place is that your passphrase was ......

Too short and hacked by brute force methods
A dictionary word
A word or number or phrase personal to yourself
A passphrase (or variation of) that you use frequently on other websites
Written down somewhere and seen by someone else
Stolen by spyware or a keylogger on your PC or another one you were using
Noted by a Shoulder Surfer

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