Is there a way to turn off Windows XP's virtual machine -- or is only hibernation available.

Rowby Goren
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I have windows 7 and am using the Virtual Windows XP.

When I use the top menu to "X" out of the Virtual Machine it goes into hibernation.

Is there a way to just turn the virtual machine off, rather than go into hibernation.

I am asking this because I am troubleshooting something and I am wondering if the hibernation might be interfering with it.  For example, I am wondering if the hibernation is still taking resources from the overall pc.  

So, again, is there a way to completely turn off the virtual machine and not go into hibernation.  (Short of uninstalling it...)


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Yes there is a way,

At the top of the virtual machine window there is a 'Send Ctrl Alt Delete' Button. Click that then click shutdown in the box that appears.

Note that you won't be able to do this from a virtual application, it must be the XP virtual machine itself.


Thanks, bbmed!  It worked :)




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