Recovering lost files on Ubuntu RAID

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I am not entirely sure what happened, but, here is the rundown:

1. RAID5 configuration was running with one degraded disk for a while
2. the system went down (reason unknown)
3. the system had power cut off at some point in time (reboot by way of power button)
4. after reboot, the files located on the RAID were not visible
5. RAID was rebuilt
6. After the rebuild, a large number of files is missing.

We know that the files are there, but we cannot see them.  Could someone suggest how they can be recovered?
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Well, you didn't provide much information. What filesystem? How was the RAID rebuilt? Did you run fsck?

In general, there is no possibility to recover lost files.
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Usually a rebuild means that you replaced the failed drive.
Did a second drive failed and you forced one of the failed drives back online after which point you rebuilt the raid? Choosing the wrong drive to force back online, is likely what  caused the file loss.
IMHO: RAID 5 degrade significantly following a single failure which should be corrected ASAP since often the drives that makeup the RAID 5 group are often of the same age and when one goes, one soon to follow.


Actually, the drive turned out to be fine.  It looks like the SATA controller is faulty, so we are replacing that.  The RAID was rebuilt using the original drives.  File system - I believe NTFS, but will check.  I think we ran the fsck, but will check as well.
If the Filesystem is NTFS, then you should ask in the Windows section. Just to make sure, are you talking about software or hardware raid?
My bad, it is a software raid formatted as XFS.

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