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I am using the Multiple Content Blocks plug-in on self-hosted Wordpress, both up to date. The additional content blocks don’t edit for me. I have added the code to my page template for additional content blocks. The editors show up, no problem, I enter some text, click update on the page, and then the text just disappears during the update! The original block that makes up the page works fine. If it helps, I notice that the WYSIWYG and HTML buttons in the editors for the additional content blocks are greyed out. They do something when I click them though. The page I am working on is http://www.moneylinksonline.com/index.php/videos

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I found the problem - when I renamed
<?php the_block('blockname'); ?>
and changed it to
<?php the_block('content block 1'); ?>'
I neglected to realize that I had created two spaces where there can't be any.
So I changed the code to
<?php the_block('content_block_1'); ?> using underscores, everything works.

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