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I have a list called "Customers" with some colums in it, some are single line of text and others are choice or calculated.

I have another List on which I want to created a Lookup column that get its input from a column called "Customer Type" from the "Customers" list.
When I select "Customers" in [get information from:], and then click on [Get information from:] I don't see the column "Customer Type"...

It only seems to show columns from the "Customers" list that are single line of text..
Any column that is Choice, Calculated or Multiple line of text, don't appear in the selection.

Is this by design?
How can I get round this problem?

Thanks in advance

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Greg BessoIT Solutions Engineer

One option is to create another column on the source list, and attach a workflow on the list that gets triggered each time the list items are modified.
The workflow should take the value of the calculated column and update the value of the new text column field with that calculated value.
Then you can link to that column from other list's lookups.



Your solution does the job, but this means that there will be a additional column visible in the source list when new items are edited.
Is there a way to hide the new field?
IT Solutions Engineer
Actually, there is, but it's not an out-of-box method. There is a solution on CodePlex that lets you choose which columns show during View, Edit and Create forms.
It is not a good idea if you will use this in a lot of places, but for ease of use in a handful of lists, it may be good enough.



I have followed both links and they  have provided the help I needed.

Thanks for you help.

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