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I am looking for a small program that will display the current disk usage on my Ubuntu Server's Desktop.
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df -h should work on the commandline
is this what you are looking for?
you could also use du -sh /home (forexample will give you the amount of space take up by your home directory)
I know the command line but I was looking for something more like conky. I just found it and am configin now
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If you have an ssh or ftp connection to the server from an Ubuntu Desktop, you can use Disk Usage Analyzer on the remote server.

try "durep"

urep Examples

1. “durep -w ~/durepweb -td 2¿

This would print the directory tree starting from the current directory to depth 2 to the console and also create web pages in the directory ~/durepweb (this directory must exist).

2. “durep -f /var/spool/mail”

This might be useful for keeping a check on the mail directory. The “-f” switch tells durep to just scan files and not descend into directories. Since the “-w” switch is not present, no web pages are produced.

3. “durep -x -cp “/(etc|usr/share)” -ep “/var” /”

This more complicated version does the following. It scans the root filesystem only, hides the contents of any paths begining /etc or /usr/share and skips the contents of the /var directory.

4. “durep -q -sf durep.save /home ”

This scans /home and saves the results to the save fail durep.save. No text output is produced.

5. “durep -q -w ~/durepweb -lf durep.save /home ”

This reads the save file durep.save and produces a web report from it in the directory ~/durepweb. No text output is produced.

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