Cannot read cookies in my Joomla site, in Firefox in Safari, works in IE

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I have a simple login form on my Joomla site, which I have created using a module for entering custom code. (I've actually tried a few different ones, with the same results.)  On this login form, I have a "remember me" checkbox, so if the user checks it off, I save the username and password in cookies and fill them out next time they visit. This works fine in IE but in Firefox and Safari, the cookies cannot be read. I actually create them successfully in another module and I can see the cookies in Firefox but they're not in $_COOKIE. I've tried using both PHP and Javascript. Either way, it works in IE but not in Firefox. I've also tried the same code outside of Joomla and it worked fine. Is anyone aware of some Joomla settings that would cause this behavior?
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Yes, and the cookies are being stored but cannot be read.
I have found the problem...My cookies were being set on the www domain, so when accessing the site without the www prefix, the cookies could not be read. So I just needed to put '' in my setcookie function (i.e. setcookie('username', $_POST['username'], mktime()+(86400*30), "/", '');

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