I need help getting 2 jQuery functions working together

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I'm been messing with this for quite a while now and having trouble getting it to work properly.  I'm combing 2 jQuery functions...  the first is called Colorbox and I'm using it for a slide show and the second is an image rotator.  Separately, they work fine.  Put them together and it doesn't work -- and I don't know what to do with it.

I'm attaching the files but to see a demo go to http://www.43rdworld.com/dev/test4.htm.  The thumbnails on the side change the large image and description with a little animation.  Click on the large image and it will open a standard slide show effect that should start with the image you click on and then cycle through the others.  The problem is that when you launch the slide show, you just get the visible image and nothing else.

I have messed and messed with this and the closest I got was to get it to launch the first image each time, no matter what image was being displayed - which wasn't right either.

Thanks in advance for the help - I really appreciate it.
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I located the problem in Your code.
This pair of lines:

$(".main_image img").attr({ src: imgTitle , alt: imgAlt});
$(".main_image a").attr({ href: imgTitle});

Find this line and remove it along with its closing </div> tag:

<div style="display:none;">

You'll see what Im talking about. Basically You are setting every image in that array of five images to be the same one, so when You click on them You're brwosing through array of same images, and thats why Yo have impression it doesnt work.

I suggest You to refine Your code, especially those two lines or to use some other lightbox clone plugin for creation of slidehow instead of colorbox.


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