Can I install a built-in web camera into my Dell Inspiron E1505/6400?

BigWill5112 used Ask the Experts™
Bascially is there a way of buying a new caseing around my screen and installing a webcamera and microphone that way or must I buy one seperately that just clips on?
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In theory you could try the casing route although how successful you will be is anyones guess. The difficulty is finding the internal connections for the cam and mic. The mic would be easier although still a delicate job, assuming your machine has a mic socket (most do). Your motherboard may not support internally connecting a webcam and this will be the biggest problem... if it doesn't support an internal connection, you are at absolutely nothing.

I'd be going with the clip on one if I were you.
augwestDirector of Information Technology

your best bet is to buy one separately because odds are your motherboard wont have the hook up to connect the internal camera to it.

Your best bet is to buy a separate one

Unless you have mad geek skillz, you are better off buying a separate USB camera...
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Should I buy USB, or are they rechargeable, or do the batteries last long, or what are your recomendations?  I know I would like the mic and camera all-in-one.  This will be the first time using one.  My fiance has a built-in webcam and we just discovered windows instanat messenger.
It should be powered right off you computer, no batteries required! (unless it is wireless, then it depends on the camera)
Logitech and Microsoft have some nice options with face tracking and stuff that are powered from and connected by USB. You do not need batteries at all. Far easier option that modding (c:

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