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I'm attempting to install wordpress to my host, streamline.net.  I've ftp'd all necessary files over and the next step is to log into  http://www.mydomain.co.uk/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php to continue setup.  When I attempt to access this page it brings back a HTTP 404 Not Found error.  I've tried everything I can think of to rectify this, from checking details entered in the wp-admin.php file to checking all files have transfered to the server over ftp (after half an hour of going through all files there were some missing but this didn't help).  Everything seems to be in order however it still does not work.  I've created a database (wordpress1) through streamline's MySQL however no tables appear, which I thought should appear.  Streamline won't give permissions to do much else with databases other than change passwords.

The details I've used in the wp-admin.php file are:

database name: wordpress1
password: withheld but correct
username: withheld but correct
hostname: (I've heard that localhost doesn't work and this is the host name streamline gave.)

I'm using mySQL17 which I've also tried as host name (mysql17.streamline.net)

I can't seem to get this working, any ideas?  I'm new to web publishing so any help would be hugely appreciated.

Oh and when contacting streamline about this they insist third party installs aren't their problem!!
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First, use localhost.

Don't worry about the database tables; they get created when you run the installation process.

Can you upload (after changing your username and password) your configuration file?


Thanks for the help ep, it turns out what I thought was the root directory, wasn't the root directory hence all the problems!
Ahh... it never crossed my mind that you weren't looking in the right place.

Glad you solved it.


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