Create a Ghost Image w/ v.15 that is in segments

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I want to create a Ghost Image w/ v.15 that is in segments so I can burn the segments to DVD.  I have a server linked to my laptop where I want the image to go.  Someone suggest I create a Bart PE disk but I have no idea what that is.  Cant I create a ghost image from Ghost 15 and send it to my server
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why not burn directly to DVD?  that's the easiest wy to get them segmented
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What is your main goal? Send the image to server or burn the image to DVD drives?
I assume the segmenting means split the backup file to 4.5GB pieces. Am I right?

Refer the below link to know about bartPE disk installation.

Jay ..
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I would like to ghost it to my server but in 4.5gb pieces.  Is that possible.  I know the techs at work do this somehow.  If I have to choose one or the other I guess I would burn it to DVD's.  Will that be bootable if I need to restore the image
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I am not sure if Ghost can do this but will check.
I know another tool that does this for sure. Paragon Drive Backup 10 Server Edition. It emulates the 4.5GB images into ISO files on local HDD that you can burn to DVD disks using any ISO burner. All the images are bootable:
Have a look on it.
Meanwhile I'll test Ghost 15 for this feature.
Top Expert 2007

Ghost should be able to do this in hte older version ( DOS ).
Newer windows version may not be able without resorting to a bootable ghost CD.

Check the options fro segmenting files and setting maximum size.

I hope this helps !
Top Expert 2007

see page 71 of the ghost manual

Divide into smaller files to simplify archiving

Splits the recovery point into smaller files
and specifies the maximum size (in MB) for
each file.
For example, if you plan to copy a recovery
point to ZIP disks from your backup
destination, specify a maximum file size of
100 MB, according to the size of each ZIP disk.

this may apply for local backup to a drive only.

This does apply to full hard drive backup ( cold ) , as per page 80

I hope this helps !

Top Expert 2007

this is for the
Backing up entire drives
About running a one-time backup from Symantec Recovery Disk
advanced options - you have this option.

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