Real Time Virus Protection in McAfee Being Disabled

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The real time virus protection feature in my McAfee Anit-Virus software is being disabled 4 to 5 times per day.  McAfee warn's me that "my computer is no longer protected" so I can turn it back on,  but I am concerned that some malware may have infected my computer.  
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sometimes the AV disables itself during an auto-update - this may be the case - if you let it sit a few minutes does it come back on by itself?


No..   I believe that I have to do it manually.

But the next time it occurs I will do as you suggest and see if it comes back on its own.

I would imagine I'll see something in a day or two.

Sounds to me like something is trying to turn it off (malware) or it may be corrupted.  Policy enforcement may be what is turning it back on.  I'd recommending running a repair of the installation.

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