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I have an HP officejet pro 8000 wireless printer on a lan with both pc and mac computers. I accidentally pressed the printer's "wireless button" which turned the wireless radio off. Pressing it again does NOT turn it back on as was suggested, The wireless connection continues to work fine for the pc's and the mac. I have a linksys befw11s4 v2 router which I have powercycled to no avail. The printer will still print out self-tests, etc., but I cannot connect to the printer wirelessly from any of the computers.
Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
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go thru the initial setup utility again with the printer attached to a computer via USB and reset it to be wireless and everything should be OK from then on again ...
According to the manual:
... press the Setup button on the HP device’s control panel, select Network, select Wireless Radio, and then select On.

In another section it says that to run the wireless test you press and hold the Wireless button, press the Resume button twice, then release the Wireless button. At the end of the test it should give troubleshooting tips if it finds anything wrong.

Pressing the Wireless button once should print out a page showing the current settings.

Plugging in an ethernet cable is supposed to disable the wireless, by the way.

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