Terminal Services and HP Laserjet P1500, sometijmes it works, most times it won't

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I have an HP Laserjet P1500 connected to my local Win XP sp3 computer.  I have installed the drivers on Windows 2003 Server (sp2) as a true multi-user terminmal server (not just admin mode).  In terminal services session I ALWAYS see the HP 1500 in my current session in the printer and faxes window.  So, it's always "found".  BUT, it will not consistently print to the printer at my local XP computer - especially after I log out and log in again.  I find the 1st print job I create "stalled" in the printer status window on the terminal server and nothing in the printer status window on the local xp computer.  If I go to an admin login and restart the print spooler, I may see the stalled job start printing after I log out of the stalled user's session  - this is sometimes.  Is there a useful workaround to get this printer to work consistently when used via terminal services???
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how do the Laserjet connect to your computer?
Do you resume the other session when logging back on or do you start a new?


Laserjet P1500 connects to computer via USB cable - it's the only option.   I experience the same behavior regardless of starting a new session or resuming a previously disconnected session.
Please forgive my miskeyed printer id.  The printer is a P1005 Laserjet.  I am going to kill this thread and present this correctly.  

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