Sage Pay Go (was Protx) - Forms or Server Integration

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I am looking to integrate with Sage Pay Go using Asp.Net C#

All seems pretty straight forward and I am thinking of using the Server integration method as we have our own server.

First - is it correct that you do not need an SSL server for the Server method.

Secondly what is the real benefit of using the Server over Forms method - I see you can use an InFrame and it also posts back some info to you before you finally accept the transaction, but is that it?


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From this information, I understand that the difference is a matter of customization. If everything runs on their side (and site) you obviously have less options.

Running the Integration Server option means having the customization running on your side, but the complex pay pages running on their side. Indeed, this does not require SSL per se, as Sage Pay provides that. They do a callback so to speak, to your server and read out templates, images, options etc. From what I read, you're pretty much in control. Also, reports etc are run from your server.

The third option they offer is Direct Integration, which will run the payment pages from your servers. This has the advantage that you are in even more control and that the actual payment pages will physically live on your servers, you can control SSL yourself and your users will see your domain name when they do payments.

Which one you pick at the end depends on what your requirements are. Sage Pay Go apparently offers 24/7 help, you may give their telephone support a try for further help on which options are best for you.

-- Abel


Thanks, answering the SSL part was helpful too.

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