Need help modifying some existing code

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I am new to this although I am experienced in other programming languages. I am trying to modify some existing code.

I want to make the <title> metatag in my page templates dynamic.

Master page is Coremaster.master.
So, for example, I have:
and then

(Yes - master page code-behind is c-sharp, template is VB)

In CoreMaster.master, the <title> tag was hardcoded. I have replace that code with
and that works as it should.

However, in the ThreeColumnLeftMenu code-behind, I have access to another piece of information that I want to tack on to the title. That info is in the variable "HeadingTitle".

How do I tack that on to my existing title tag?

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from the code behind use:

Page.Title = "xyz";

or var x = Page.Title;


I tried that but my codebehind isn't recognizing page.title - it's giving me an error. I did a similar thing in all of the C-sharp code behinds and it worked fine, but the same thing is not working in the vb pages. They must have been coded differently. See below for the vb code-behind. Could you tell me specifically what I need to do?
You can see I've tried with the "thisPBpage" thing.
I repeat - I'm new at this ... just looking for the solution at this point. Thanks.

Code-behind for ThreeColumnLeftMenu (see below)

Imports System
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Web.Security
Imports System.Web.UI.HtmlControls
Imports System.Web.UI.WebControls
Imports System.Web.UI.Page  'A.Shea 1/30/2010
Imports Ektron.Cms.Widget
Imports Ektron.Cms
Imports Ektron.Cms.API
Imports Ektron.Cms.Common
Imports Ektron.Cms.Controls.CmsWebService
Imports Ektron.Cms.PageBuilder

Partial Class Three_Column_Left_Menu1
    Inherits Ektron.Cms.PageBuilder.PageBuilder

    Protected contentAPI As New Ektron.Cms.ContentAPI()
    Protected commonAPI As New Ektron.Cms.CommonApi()
    'Protected thisPBpage As New System.Web.UI.Page() 'A.Shea 1/30/2010

    Protected Sub Page_Init(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Init
        If (Not contentAPI.IsLoggedIn) Then
            Dim sitePath As String = contentAPI.SitePath.TrimEnd("/")
            Response.Redirect(sitePath & "/default.aspx")
            'Me.Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.Page.GetType(), "get_script", "$ektron('#loginDialog').modal().modalShow();", True)
        End If


    End Sub

    Private Sub FillMenu()
        Dim cmonApi As New CommonApi()
        If cmonApi.IsLoggedIn Then
            If cmonApi.UserId > 0 Then
                Dim user As New Ektron.Cms.API.User.User()
                Dim utype As [String] = Nothing

                If Session("utype") IsNot Nothing Then
                    utype = Session("utype").ToString()
                If utype = "Executives" Then
                        fm2.DefaultMenuID = EktConstants.ExecutivesMID
                    ElseIf utype = "Employees" Then
                        fm2.DefaultMenuID = EktConstants.EmployeesMID
                        fm2.DefaultMenuID = EktConstants.FreemiumMID
                End If
                    utype = "Freemium"
                    If user.IsAGroupMember(cmonApi.UserId, EktConstants.ExecutivesGID) OrElse user.MemberType = 0 Then
                        fm2.DefaultMenuID = EktConstants.ExecutivesMID
                        utype = "Executives"
                    ElseIf user.IsAGroupMember(cmonApi.UserId, EktConstants.EmployeesGID) Then
                        fm2.DefaultMenuID = EktConstants.EmployeesMID
                        utype = "Employees"
                        fm2.DefaultMenuID = EktConstants.FreemiumMID
                    End If
                    Session("utype") = utype
                End If
            End If
        End If
    End Sub

    Public Overloads Overrides Sub [Error](ByVal message As String)
    End Sub

    Public Overrides Sub Notify(ByVal message As String)
    End Sub

    Public Sub jsAlert(ByVal message As String)

    End Sub

    Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
        If (Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString("pageid"))) Then
            Dim pageid As Long = 0
            pageid = Long.Parse(Request.QueryString("pageid"))

            FolderBreadcrumb1.DefaultContentID = Long.Parse(Request.QueryString("pageid"))

            If ((pageid > 0) AndAlso (commonAPI.IsLoggedIn)) Then

                'get type
                Dim pagedata As Ektron.Cms.PageBuilder.PageData = Me.Pagedata '  Page as PageBuilder
                Dim thisPBpage As System.Web.UI.Page 'A. Shea 1/30/2010

                Dim contentdata As Ektron.Cms.ContentData = New Ektron.Cms.ContentData()
                pagedata.pageID = pageid
                hdnPageId.Value = pageid
                Dim metadata As Ektron.Cms.ContentMetaData() = Nothing
                contentdata.Id = pagedata.pageID

                    ' Sample below to retrieve the metadata value
                    'Dim cAPI As New Ektron.Cms.ContentAPI
                    'Dim att As Ektron.Cms.CustomAttributeList = cAPI.GetContentMetadataList(ID#)
                    'Dim IDList As String = att.GetItemByName("METADATANAME").Value

                    'A. Shea commented this out 1/30/2010 - this was a holdover from ELV that is no longer used; metadata is now retrieved
                    'by name
                    'contentdata.MetaData = contentAPI.GetMetaDataTypes("id")

                    Dim Metadatalist As Ektron.Cms.CustomAttributeList = contentAPI.GetContentMetadataList(pagedata.pageID)

                    'Metadata Values to retrieve:
                    '   PB Background Class   	    120
                    '   PB Heading Image 	        118
                    '   PB Heading Title 	        119
                    Dim pbHeadingTitle As String = String.Empty
                    pbHeadingTitle = contentAPI.GetContentMetadataList(pagedata.pageID).GetItemByName("PB Heading Title").Value.ToString()

                    Dim pbHeadingImage As String = String.Empty
                    pbHeadingImage = contentAPI.GetContentMetadataList(pagedata.pageID).GetItemByName("PB Heading Image").Value.ToString()
                    Dim pbBackgroundClass As String = String.Empty
                    pbBackgroundClass = contentAPI.GetContentMetadataList(pagedata.pageID).GetItemByName("PB Background Class").Value.ToString()
                    'pbBackgroundClass = contentdata.MetaData.GetValue(120).ToString()
                    'contentAPI.GetContentMetadataList(pagedata.pageID).GetItemByName("PB Heading Title").Value.ToString()

                    If ((pbHeadingImage.Length > 0) AndAlso (Not pbHeadingImage = String.Empty)) Then
                        'lblHeaderIcon.Text = String.Format("<img src=""{0}"" alt=""Heading Icon"" />", pbHeadingImage)
                    End If

                    If ((pbHeadingTitle.Length > 0) AndAlso (Not pbHeadingTitle = String.Empty)) Then
                        lblHeaderTitle.Text = String.Format("<h1>{0}</h1>", pbHeadingTitle)
                        lblLeftMenuTitle.Text = String.Format("<h3>{0}</h3>", pbHeadingTitle)
                        'A.Shea 1/30/2010
                        thisPBpage.Title = EktConstants.SiteName + pbHeadingTitle

                    End If

                    If ((pbBackgroundClass.Length > 0) AndAlso (Not pbBackgroundClass = String.Empty)) Then
                        hdnBackgroundClass.Value = pbBackgroundClass
                    End If
                Catch ex As Exception

                End Try

            End If

        End If

    End Sub

    Private Sub RegisterJs()

        'Register CCA Global JavaScript files
        Dim appPath As String = contentAPI.ApplicationPath.TrimEnd("/")
        Dim sitePath As String = contentAPI.SitePath.TrimEnd("/")
        Ektron.Cms.API.JS.RegisterJS(Me, JS.ManagedScript.EktronJS)
        Ektron.Cms.API.JS.RegisterJS(Me, sitePath & "/js/PBTemplateFunctions.js", "PBThreeColumnPageJS")

    End Sub

End Class

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Note: I should also add that I would prefer to set the title tag in the ThreeColumnLeftMenu template and NOT in the master page. That would be ideal.
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In the code I posted, just search for "Shea" to find what I tried ...


OK, I got this working. What was missing was Title="something" in the page directive in the .aspx file. Once I added that, then Page.Title worked just fine.
ok, well done

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