Anonymous users can not access Live Meetings

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We run a consolodated Front End, Consolodated Edge Server and OCS not published with ISA Server 2006.  The problem that we are having is with Live Meetings.  When users try to join a meeting they are prompted for authentication even when the invitation is sent to allow anonymous access.  I have checked the OCS front end server and anonymous access is enabled.  Live Meeting works fine for users that have domain credintials, but I was under the impression that if the meeting was sent to allow anonymous then they would not be prompted to log in.  If anyone has any suggestions of things that I can check to get the anonymous access working I would appreciate it.

Please find below external DNS Entry, attached Edge Server Application Event screen shot,  anonymous pwconsole-debug*.txt log text file,  and anonymous client error screen shot.      Service      0 1 443      Service      0 1 443      Service      0 1 5061      
av      Address      OCS Av Edge Server
lm      Address      OCS Web Conferencing Edge Server
sip      Address      OCS Access Edge Server

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1.)Are anonymous participants allowed and do you select "Invite Anyone" when scheduling live meeting conferences ?
2).Check following on Web Conf Server -  Default Web Site -> Directory Security -> Authentication Methods - Make sure "Enable Anonymous access is checked"

Remeber following for Live Meeting anonymous users connections:

a).Anonymous users are authenticated by Digest authentication
b).Anonymous users can join the conference, but cannot create
c).Organizer should have permission to invite anonymous users
c).OCS creates Conference key for anonymous users



No luck.  Is there any other solution ?


1).Is Livemeeting trying to authenticate using  credentials of communicator ?

2).Restart OCS services after making any Global level changes   

3).Refer following links:

do a network trace from the Edge server and check whether the packets are being redirected to a different route that could possibly cause this issue
I found the problem.  OCS front end server cannot resolve  I created a new dns entry in external dns and published with reverse proxy.  The following link help me to change external url using WMI.

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