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hello experts,i have a question with u.i like to develop a ussd application and i dont no anything about it.
Which language is used to create an USSD Apllication?
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In operation, USSD is used to send text between the user and some application. USSD should be thought of as a trigger rather than an application itself. However, it enables other applications such as prepaid. In operation, it is not possible to bill for USSD directly, but instead bill for the application associated with the use of USSD such as circuit switch data, SMS, or prepaid.

Focus on the type of application and the market. If it is an app for the iPhone, you must visit to find out more about their iPhone SDK. If you want to stick with multiple brands, I think many phones now use Java but different brands have different application creation methods.


ok i need which language is used to create the ussd app?specify it

Programming Microsoft LINQ 1.0 (Mobile)
Enterprise J2ME
Visual Basic .NET 1.0 (Mobile)
ANSI C language

only a few.

Angular Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Angular 2, a JavaScript framework for developing dynamic single page applications.


ok let i try.could u tell me how to run an ussd application
Your main question was answered. Please refer my second link which contains the syntax for the USSD command and contact your mobile operator to see if they support external applications to run using USSD. In my country, only the network operator uses USSD commands for billing and other services.


question answered

> In my country, only the network operator uses USSD commands for billing and other services.
I am working on a USSD application that will work in 180 countries worldwide. The local tests are nearly finished. We are able to use it. It is cheaper, faster and saves power in my M2M applications. Last but not least I have to talk to one GSM operator only. With one partner I am able to cover 180 countries.


meff i would like to test an ussd to do it.

Thanks kart4578

I will go on holiday with beginning of next week. I will come back with further details in April. What will be your application? Can you explain it open on Expert-Exchange? If not then I will over my contact details in April 2010 to you.

The SIM cards have further interesting options:
- GPRS roaming all over the world
- Locating of SIM cards by GSM only without to use GPS. See also:

BTW, daily news on wireless M2M I offer at my blog listed here: 

Please be so kind an write on this message board in April again. This will force an email to me as reminder

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