Citrix Web Interface Redundancy

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Im trying to assist a small company who is trying to make a Citrix Deployment happen on limited funds and just need help understanding the pros and cons of the different approaches to making a Web Interface Redundant. I run Citrix Netscalers, so I have never had to deal with this.

I have heard of people using DNS Round Robin, Network Load Balancing, or just set in the configuration of the Web Interface a Backup Web Interface Server.

Can I get some input on what may be the pros and cons of these items. I haven't heard much cons on DNS Robin, but I just never liked using it. Network Load Balancing and DNS Round Robin I know can have its cons because it doesn't know if an issue is happening on a Web Interface Server... If it can contact it.. it is sending traffic.

Im almost thinking since it is a fairly small company, just using two web interface servers and then configuring the config.xml for the XenApp PLugin to have a backup web interface. That way is the Plugin cant contact the primary, it will use the backup.

Am I just looking too deep into this considering its a small company? Any feedback would be great.

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Prior to us installing Access Gateways, we used Windows Network Load Balancing to balance between our two Web Interface sites (the web client version rather than the XenApp Services/PNAgent version).  It worked well enough and was easy to configure.  The major problem was that NLB could only determine if the server was online or not.  It could not determine if the HTTP service was up, so you could run in to a situation in which the server was online, though HTTP was not running causing NLB to still send requests to the server.

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