iscsi connection between hp msa2312i and ESX Server

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I have an ESX server running on HP, and an MSA2312i running in my network.  Currently no disks have been allocated on the MSA, the volumes and all that have been created, etc, however nothing has been assigned to a host.

What I am looking for is a "common sense" approach to assigning a volume to the ESX Server for storage.  Now I know that the specific device procedures are intricate, and I can deal with that, however I need the basic over view, and I will do the research to complete the process.

Here is what I have...

flat network:

ESX Host

Disk Array

an example of what I am looking for is the following:

ON MSA -- Do this first
Create VDISK
Create Volume
Assign ISCSI ID to Volume

ON ESX Server
go to Configuration
Add Storage
Input ISCSI ID to create Virtual Disk

your done... disk should work.

That's how simple I would like it.

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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
Top Expert 2008

That sounds just about right except on the ESX side you should enable multipath

iscsi vsphere

mpio p32-34
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
Top Expert 2008

Oh, and don't forget to zone your ESX hosts and setup a separate VLAN or a separate network for the SAN.
Top Expert 2014

And add a second switch for redundancy, and 2 seperate VLANs really since the two controllers in the MSA should be on seperate subnets.
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halejr1IT Director


Paul - thanks for the input... zone the esx - do you mean to just put the ESX on seperate subnet as well as the MSI?  and is this a requirement?  It's a small network 6 workstations, 2 virtuals, 1 MSI (2 controllers) 1 ESX, and 2 File Servers.  

Thanks again.

Andyalder, thanks too for the "Optimum" redundancy suggestion.
Senior IT Advisor
Top Expert 2008
Once you create the LUNs make sure that you zone them for the service console/management console of the ESX hosts so that no other systems may access it.  Keeps you from having an oh oh moment if you decide to add iscsi LUNs to physical machines in the future and accidentely pick up the LUNs you're using for VMware
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT Advisor
Top Expert 2008

Let me clarify, you should zone the LUNs for the ip address of the vmkernel ip address (that connects your iscsi software initiator)  on your SAN, the iscsi vmkernel ip address is what is talking to your SAN

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