I have Mac OS X 10.6 with 2 user accounts. One account is fast, the other one is extremely slow. How to solve it ?

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I have Mac OS X 10.6 with 2 user accounts.

One account is fast, the other one is extremely slow.

I used Onyx to clean the slow account but no luck

How can I solve the issue ?

Thank you guys.
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I suppose you could always delete the slow account and make a new one.

However, you have given us precious little information. Are both accounts Admin accounts? What do you mean by "slow". Slow internet? Slow application launch?

Start up on the each account and make a note of the startup items in the Accounts preferences panel for each account. If the "slow account" has a startup item that the "fast account" is missing, that is likely your problem.

If you are talking about general slowness, not just internet slowness, run Activity Monitor (found in the utilities folder) to see if some process or application is hogging CPU cycles.
Could you compare the ps -ax results in terminal of both accounts?
Can you describe what sorts of things are slow?

You might check to see if there are any hidden items opening on login to the slow account. Do this by going to the Accounts system preference pane when logged in under the slow account. Click on the account name on the left, then click "Login Items" on the right.

You could also open up Activity Monitor (in the Utilities folder) and see if there are processes running when that account is active that are not running when the fast account is active.

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Whoops - just noticed that I've nearly exactly repeated what Strung said! Sorry about that.
Great minds think alike!


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