Cisco 1841 vs 2600 series

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Hello Friends,

We have about 50 users on a school netowork sharing a 2 Mb internet link using a linksys router.  I've suggested we go cisco, but am stuck decding whether to go with the 1800 series or a cheaper albeit older 2600 series router.  i know the 2600 is EOS but is it better for us than the 1800?  the 2800 is tooooo expensive and i think would be shooting a pin with a rocket?  Any advice is totally welcome!  Thanks in advance.

If its important, there is a school logging application on the LAN and their running a totally wireless network with plans to install open source VOIP.  TIA
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1800 =

    *  Data
    * Security
    * Unified Communications
    * Wireless
    *  Built-in security
    * Up to two 10/100 Mbps built-in routed ports
    *  Up to broadband speeds
    * Eight 10/100 Mbps built-in switch ports with optional Power over Ethernet (PoE), for providing DC power to network devices such as IP phones
    * Up to 50 VPN tunnels
    * Support for wireless local-area network (LAN) standards 802.11a/b/g
    *  Up to T1/E1speeds
    * Up to four 10/100 Mbps built-in switch ports
    * Up to 800 VPN tunnels
    * Support for wireless local-area network (LAN) standards 802.11a/b/g

The 1861 is a modular platform built on a fixed base with a wide range of WAN interface options, plus:

    * Integrated Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express or Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony for call processing
    * Cisco Unity Express, for voice messaging and automated attendant
    * Integrated LAN switching with Power over Ethernet (PoE) expandable through Cisco Catalyst Switches
    * Onboard voice ports for PSTN, PBX, and key system connections

2600 =
    * Internet and intranet access with firewall security
    * Multiservice voice and data integration
    * Analog and digital dial access services
    * VPN access
    * Inter-VLAN routing
    * Routing with bandwidth management
    * Integration of flexible routing and low-density switching

Choose the 1800, though the 2600 seems better, you get more for more and less for more with the 2600.
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division
Top Expert 2010

Please refer about performance:

If you have low internet connection (Under 2M) 2611XM is enough

But I advise 871 or 871W which has bulit in firewall feature!

BEst regards,


Thanks guys.

i just got the routers and the 2600 series is a actually a 2610 and has one Ethernet 0/0 port and an auxilliary port ( dont know if i'll need another ethernet port for it to route to the internet?

the 1841 has Eth0/0 and 0/1 as well as Aux with a flash memory card.  

so are we all suggetsing i stick with the 1841?
Yes no doubt. 2600 is already EOL whereas 1841 is still on for at least few years.  It comes with 2 LAN ports by default you can decide on other cards and modules as per your requirement.

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